Working remotely due to coronavirus outbreak? Tips and tricks on how to stay sane by eAgronom team

Due to the recent outbreak of COVID-19, whole eAgronom team is working remotely. As communication and loneliness are the biggest struggles when working remotely, we’re taking steps to make the transition go smoothly for our team.

Even though the developing situation is new to all of us, work should still be fulfilling and fun. Here are some tips:

Have a virtual kitchen

eAgronom team has a special virtual room (Whereby) where one can enter any time to have a chat with colleagues who are also having their coffee break. Working remotely does not mean you have to cancel your water cooler conversations.

Over-communicate and celebrate successes

Make sure you are sending clear messages to your colleagues – virtual communication can be a challenge at first. Also, this is the time you need to share and even overshare the good news to keep people motivated.

Show your face to people

Seeing that other people are currently working as well makes it less lonely, and it helps to know that you can easily jump into a conversation with them (Pukka Team).

It can also lead to funny situations on other mediums:

Try pairing remotely

Pair programming is the best way to shape up your skills and share know-how with teammates. Pairing just via screen sharing gets tiresome quick though – sometimes you want to just show where the issue is with your mouse (Use Together).

Make sure you come back to our blog in a week or two – we will do a check-in on how the remote work has been and share the tools we have added to our arsenal.

Working from home is indeed a challenge but it can be made easier with various tools the internet brings. Stay safe and healthy!

This article was made for entertainment purposes only. We strongly suggest that you follow the general official guidelines released by your country.