Analysis, Tasks, Mobile and more – 2020 Q3 product updates

As the winter approaches, and work on the fields is getting done, it’s the best time to look back at the year and plan for the next. And it also happens to be the best time to sharpen your eAgronom skills and check out all the new possibilities we have recently added!

Our development team has been working around the clock to roll out new features and possibilities to make farmer’s lives easier. Here’s a quick overview of the biggest changes and improvements done in the past quarter!


New features:

  • Brand new Analysis module.
  • Multi-day tasks – tasks now have a start and end date.
  • Offline mode is now available for iPhone and iPad users.
  • Mobile app is now available in Huawei AppGallery.
  • Inventory is available in the mobile app.


  • New and better overview of your crops.
  • Permanent grasslands update.
  • Settings dropdown is now much more functional.
  • Managing different roles in eAgronom is now more convenient.
  • Improved field details in the mobile app.


  • The order of products is now in the correct order.



Analysis module

The analysis module is a completely new section in eAgronom.

It enables farmers to see real input and operation costs that they can optimize during the season.

For example:

  • Make it easy to spot anomalies – when something is off from the plan/norm
  • e.g. compare similar crop costs or yield etc.
  • identify fields that have too high input costs and analyze why they have these high costs
  • see which fields are good for you or OK to rent

Read the full overview of the analysis module here.


Offline mode for mobile app is now also available for iPhone and iPad users.

Mobile network coverage can be troublesome for farmers – around 25%-30% of rural areas have insufficient internet connection.
But the work can’t stop because of this! eAgronom mobile application’s offline support feature means that farmers can use the app on the go wherever they are, regardless of internet connection availability.

For Android phones, this feature was has been available for some time already, and now we were able to bring this feature to iPhone users as well!

Learn more about the mobile app here.


eAgronom is available for Huawei users

A not long time ago eAgronom (and the rest of the world)  was surprised by the decision of Google and Huawei to go separate ways. This left new Huawei phone users unable to use eAgronom because it was not possible to use Google Play Store to download the app. But we reacted fast and got our app up and running in the new Huawei AppGallery.

Download the mobile app for your new Huawei phone here.


Tasks now have a start and end date

Previously, farmers could only mark down the day the task was completed. However, not all tasks in farming can be completed
within a day.

Farming regulations have also changed on this front and marking both the start and end date is now often required by law.


Inventory is now available in the mobile app

Inventory management is usually done outside the office. Managing it in mobile helps to keep the inventory in better sync with reality and make better decisions on what products to use!

Users who have access to the feature will now see a link to inventory from their mobile settings page.

On the new screens users can:

  • See what products they have in stock, and how much.
  • Filter transactions based on categories.
  • See transactions of the products.
  • Add, update, and delete transactions.
  • Navigate to task srelated to inventory transactions.



New and better overview of your crops 

Crops on the dashboard now have the same colors as in the field diary.


Permanent grasslands update

  1. For permanent grasslands consecutive season count was inaccurate – that got fixed.

  2. A number of consecutive seasons is now displayed only for short-term grasslands, no other crops

  3. Permanent grasslands used to be treated like any other crop, now they are consolidated together under a separate category


Settings dropdown got a new design

Some farmers use eAgronom desktop version on the devices with a touch screen. This new settings dropdown is going to make navigation within eAgronom much easier.


Managing different roles in eAgronom are now more convenient 

Previously it was not possible for one person to have two different roles (for example manager in one and agronomist in another one) at the same time. However, this happened often that 1 worker was indeed working in different companies and filling in different positions. Now we made it possible for these users to be who they are in each company


Improved eAgronom field details in the mobile app.

Our previous mobile app field details were not very useful when doing a task that farmers are doing very often – field observation.

We improved field details in the mobile app so that all your field’s data is easily accessible on the go:

  • full crop rotation,
  • done and planned tasks,
  • used products,
  • NPK information,
  • field details information.



Order of products now is in the right orders.

Don’t worry about workers mixing crop protection products in the wrong order again!

Previously when the manager added crop protection products for a task and assigned this task to workers, the products were always sorted alphabetically. But thanks to our user feedback we found out that that there is a better way.
Now when you assign crop protection products to your workers. they will be displayed on all devices in the order you added them.



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