A new unit for sowing maize

Thanks to tremendous feedback from farmers we understood that planning sowing tasks in eAgronom needed large improvements.

We learned that asking the sowing rate in kilograms per hectare for vegetable crops is nonsense as farmers actually sow them by seeds per hectare. After closely seeing how much trouble farmers had to go through to plan sowing tasks in eAgronom, we identified the core problems and improved the system to eliminate them.

Seeds unit

We have introduced a new unit called seeds for crops that are sown in seeds/ha rate (mostly vegetables and herbs).

You can now sow maize in seeds/ha rate

You can track the number of seeds in your inventory

As seed weight is not constant, eAgronom is not able to automatically convert between seed and weight measurements. This means that with vegetables (incl. maize) and herbs you can now sow and manage inventory only in seeds, and not in kilograms or tons.

How to get started?

If you don’t see a big warning in the inventory (shown below) then you are free to use the seeds unit without any extra effort.


But if you do then you need to make a few changes in your inventory to get it back to a good state.

#1 Understand which varieties are deprecated

Warning icon in the Unit column will tell you if you need to do anything about the variety

#2 Make an outgoing transaction to remove the variety from stock

Find the “-” button which you can use to add outgoing transaction

In the new transaction window, the quantity is automatically filled out with the state of inventory. So, you only need to click “Save”.

#3 Add the variety back in seeds

You can now add how many seeds you have in your inventory

After these steps, your inventory should be in a good state and start calculating seeds correctly once you add more of them or execute sowing tasks.

Next steps

Our team is eagerly waiting for feedback from you and your fellow farmers to understand how we could further improve our system (e.g., bags unit) so that sowing in Autumn could be even more successful.

Let us know if you have any feedback!

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