Bringing immediate climate-positive benefits to farmers: podcast interview with eAgronom CEO Robin Saluoks

modern acre podcast eagronom ceo

eAgronom CEO and co-founder Robin Saluoks share his vision to deliver climate-positive benefits to farmers in an interview with The Modern Acre.

In the podcast hosted by Tim and Tyler Nuss, Saluoks talks about the importance of providing immediate benefits to farmers who transition to climate-smart agriculture. While many farmers are aware of the long-term benefits of sustainable farming, better access to business incentives can accelerate the transition to green food production.

In the episode, Saluoks also discusses an agtech’s startup journey from its beginnings, roadblocks, and plans. And how the platform, eAgronom, is positioned to bring transparency to business value-chains with its farm management software, data-tooling for MRV, proprietary technology, and close-ties with farmers across Europe.

Listen to episode 221 of The Modern Acre Podcast: Farm Management Software Built for Carbon Markets with Robin Saluoks, Founder & CEO of eAgronom.

→ Listen directly on  The Modern Acre website

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