How we serve our farmers remotely? Innovate together with eAgronom

We already wrote about how our team tackles the challenge of working remotely during the virus outbreak. Now that we have figured out how to manage our team internally while working remotely, we are fully ready to bring our customer relationships to the virtual world as well.

Our work with farmers does not stop – we have found easy-to-use online tools to work with and continue providing world-class customer support, individual training, product demos and AIA Online consultations. We still meet farmers but through the internet and, surprisingly, it works just as well if not even better.

eAgronom account managers can now do a full training session for you without leaving their house – and so far farmers have loved it!

Read on to see how it works – we start by explaining how the training goes, then talk about how we keep up with doing demos to prospective customers and how farmers can get independent agronomical and financial advice by signing up for AIA Online.

eAgronom training

How can you do a high-quality training online?” one may ask. It is all right to be sceptical about it – so were we until we tried. A new tool is now built into eAgronom system that, with your permission, allows us to see your screen and control some of the actions.

eAgronom account managers have been doing online training and using screen-sharing tools for a few months already. Our initial idea was to reduce the amount of time they spend driving to the farmer to fit more individual training sessions per day and farmers could get started with their accounts faster. Now there is no other choice – we must all adapt.

Crop overview being shown during training. The screen on the left – our account manager’s screen, on the right – what you see on your screen

With this tool, the account manager can walk you through the training program – click, highlight and point out the important parts while talking to you on phone.

And no, we cannot access any other information on your computer. The program runs only on eAgronom pages.

Not a customer yet but interested to learn more?

The farming season is about to kick off but you are not an eAgronom user yet? This is the right moment to start!

Usually, we visit the farmer at their farm to learn about their business and figure out whether eAgronom is something that could help them to manage their farm more effectively. We are still doing it – but virtually.

At first, the farmer reaches out to our representative – either by phone or email. The representative reaches out to the farmer to have a quick conversation about the farm – to learn about its size, crops, reporting systems, worker management and everything else.

Join eAgronom

Then, if the representative sees that the farmer could benefit from eAgronom, they use the same tool as the account manager to help the farmer to set up their account and show how the app could help the farmer solve the issues that surfaced during the conversation.

Budget overview. The screen on the left – our representative’s screen, on the right – what you see on your screen

After the demonstration, the farmer decides on whether eAgronom fits their needs and chooses the most appropriate package for them. Once that is done, the farmer either asks for an invoice or pays right away through our self-billing system. After completing the payment, the account manager reaches out to the farmer to set a date and time for the online training session done as we described above.

At any time, the farmer can reach out to customer support specialist to get immediate help (the orange button you see on the right side of your screen)

AIA Online Consultations

While we have put the face-to-face AIA consultation process on hold, no farmer should be left without advice right before the season. AIA Online service offers you advice and guidance based on the information you have entered into your eAgronom account.

Additionally, our consultants, who both have more than 35 years of experience in managing and consulting farms all over the world, will perform a comprehensive audit of your business – from both agronomical and financial perspective.

Their advice is always accessible via eAgronom chat – you can ask any kind of questions or send various requests. You can even send pictures straight from the field – the consultant will help you with disease detection and offer the best solution on how to eliminate it.

Create my eAgronom account

This is time for all of us – farmers and eAgronom employees – to adapt and who knows – maybe even discover new ways of working and stick to them in the long term.

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