Introducing a new way to add tasks

In farming, it is nearly impossible to create and stick to the perfect plan for the season. However, having a flexible overview of planned activities combined with great and timely execution is the key to successful farming.

In eAgronom, you can plan the tasks to be done on each field during the season, keep an eye on the bigger picture and make changes to adjust the plan as the season progresses. The better the plan, the smoother the business – know in advance how much of the product and labour resources will be needed to finish the job on time and be prepared to act.

Hundreds of farmers are managing their tasks with eAgronom and we have received invaluable feedback from them. This feedback prompted us to make task management smoother and we are excited to announce a new improved way of adding tasks in eAgronom. Let’s take a look at the highlights.

What’s new?

1. New and convenient interactive map for choosing fields. From now on you can easily find your fields from the legend and hide fields by the crop to simplify selection.

2. Possibility to add several tasks in one go. You are no longer limited to add only one task outside task plans.

3. Improved user experience. We constantly test our new designs with farmers and make adjustments according to their feedback. Please let us know if there is anything confusing or lacking for you

4. Access your most used task types with ease. There are many different types of tasks in farming and it can be difficult to find the one you are looking for. Therefore, we have worked out a way for you to choose which task types you want to see first.

5. Overview of nutrients during the season. In order to avoid over-fertilization, you have the possibility to check the planned nutrient balance of the fields every time you add tasks.

Compared to the old system you no longer need to worry about changing plans. The purpose of the improved design is to provide a more convenient system for planning the future, changing the plans and adding historical information. Soon the new module of adding tasks will replace the Task Planner. There is no need to worry as the tasks already added through task plans will remain editable on the Task execution page.

Next steps

eAgronom’s team will actively continue working on improving task management. We have planned to build a better overview of your tasks, to provide a way to determine fertilizers’ amount with field precision, and to improve communication with workers.

Let us know how we could improve task management in eAgronom for you.

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