eAgronom boosts organisational growth with 4 key hires

We at eAgronom are excited to welcome Indrek Kaldoja as Chief Financial Officer, Egert Valmra as Programme Director, and Carbon Partnership Managers Igor Frljužec and Efraín Pompa. The four will round out the finance and carbon teams, respectively — driving the next stage of growth for the company.

In his role as CFO, Kaldoja will oversee the finance organization, ensuring eAgronom is positioned to reach new heights with its financial objectives and long-term goals. As Programme Director, Valmra joins the finance team alongside Kaldoja to unlock attractive capital support with grant opportunities within the EU.

Frljužec and Pompa, the two new Carbon Partnership Managers are anticipated to scale the carbon program by building ties with farmers and partners to further develop and cultivate strong partnerships across the agriculture sector and new markets.

“We have one of the strongest teams in the field and I’m proud of the confidence eAgronom carries to current and new colleagues alike. It’s an honour to be working alongside established industry experts with demonstrated track records of managing complex issues and each bringing invaluable insights and skills to drive greater value for stakeholders, partners, and customers,” said Robin Saluoks, eAgronom CEO.

The four join the rank of 70 other members of eAgronom staff and management that’s growing consistently with new colleagues and roles.

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Indrek Kaldoja, CFO at eAgronom

Indrek Kaldoja, CFO

Indrek Kaldoja is the Chief Financial Officer of eAgronom. Prior, he was Head of Investor Relations and Fund Manager at EfTEN Capital. He also served as CFO and Senior Advisor at Skeleton Technologies.

His career in the financial and technology industries spans over 18 years, with previous experience as a Director at EC Private Equity Partners S.à r.l, serving as COO and partner at corporate company Essentia Capital, and as a fund manager at Swedbank Investment Funds.

Mr. Kaldoja holds an MBA cum laude in Entrepreneurship and Technology Management from the University of Tartu. He has stayed in touch with the academic world with PhD studies, and by giving lectures on financial derivatives, modeling, and valuation at TalTech for the last 11 years.

Egert Valmra, Programme Director at eAgronom

Egert Valmra

Egert Valmra joins eAgronom as Programme Director, bringing with him more than 20 years of expertise in business development, strategy, and analysis. He previously led the public funding programs for Skeleton Technologies, a global technology leader in supercapacitor energy storage, as Programme Director with additional responsibilities for R&D in space and defence technologies. His prior experience includes strategic management consulting and economic analysis in a range of consultancies, including the position of Managing Consultant at PWC.

As an academic, Mr. Valmra was a lecturer and researcher at Tallinn University of Technology for more than 9 years, where he earned his MSc in Strategic Management.

Igor Frljužec, Carbon Partnership Manager at eAgronom

Igor Frljužec

Under eAgronom’s carbon program, Igor Frljužec joins the team as Carbon Partnership Manager with a background in expanding business opportunities for AgTech. He was previously the vice president of sales at Agrivi where he successfully led global enterprise sales.

He has around two decades of experience managing and leading sales and business expansions for various organizations within the technology and agriculture sectors, working with leading organizations such as Conscious Information Technologies, Hewlett-Packard, Combis and others.

Igor holds a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology and also has a fruit farm of 3.2 hectares of berries and walnuts in Croatia, throughout which he keeps connected to farming and digital agriculture.

Efraín Pompa, Carbon Partnership Manager at eAgronom

Efrain Pomfra

José Efraín Pompa Barrera is a Carbon Partnership Manager in eAgronom whose expertise spans 15 years in top management positions for various global businesses, particularly for pharmaceutical companies such as UCB (Belgium), Abbott (USA), Alcon (USA) and Organon (Netherlands). Before eAgronom, he was previously the director of global sales and marketing for the European Medical Group OÜ.

Mr. Pompa is also a founder of HK Einblick, a market research company for customer behaviour analysis and mapping; as well as Fielders, a small chain of fast-food restaurants in Mexico.

He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and diploma in Executive Development from Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey in Mexico. Mr. Pompa also completed post graduate studies in Digital Marketing at Northwestern University – Kellogg School of Management in Chicago, Il, USA and Human Capital Development at Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de Mexico.

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