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DOJUS agro, eAgronom bring first carbon farming program in Lithuania

DOJUS agro, eAgronom bring carbon farming in Lithuania
Evaluating a farm with soil sensors

PR / TARTU, Estonia (7 July 2022) Estonian agritech startup eAgronom has signed a partnership agreement with Lithuania’s largest supplier of Western agricultural machinery, DOJUS agro, to jointly develop a certified carbon farming programme in Lithuania. The country’s first carbon farming programme will unlock new financial revenue streams to farmers for introducing sustainable farming practices while helping Lithuania towards its 21 percent emissions reduction plan by 2030 compared to 2005 levels. 

Crop production totals just over 60 percent of Lithuania’s EUR 2.4 billion agricultural sector, which produces one fifths of the country’s GHG emissions. A move to carbon farming helps to increase carbon sequestration, reduce farming related GHG emissions and improve climate resilience of food production. Previously hampered by lack of access to funding, the development of carbon markets is now making it possible for farmers to adopt sustainable practices while improving their welfare and that of the environment. 

eAgronom provides farm management software and GHG tracking tools powered by AI and remote sensing technologies. Its technology and consultancy services help farmers optmise the use of chemicals and fertilisers, thus bringing down operating costs, as well as diversifying income streams through carbon credits for farmers. At the same time, its tracking tools reliably measure changes in carbon sequestration and GHG emissions. By teaming up with DOJUS agro, eAgronom will be able to offer its technology and expertise to a large farming audience. 

Kristjan Luha, COO of eAgronom said: “Soils constitute the largest carbon sink outside oceans and nutrient-rich soils boost farm productivity, promote climate resilience and long-term sustainability. 34 percent of Lithuania’s landmass is arable land, offering immense potential for soil sequestration. Partnering with DOJUS agro provides an amazing opportunity for us to extend our reach and enable farmers in Lithuania to reap the benefits of carbon farming, while helping the country achieve its ambitious climate targets.” 

Donatas Dailidė, General Manager of DOJUS Group said: “Over the last 30 years we have built a reputation for putting our customers first and going above their expectations. Many of them now tell us they would like to adopt more sustainable farming practices, however, they lack the financial means and know-how to take the first steps. Partnering with eAgronom means we will be able to offer them a complete carbon programme package that will make the business transformation process as simple and as profitable as possible, while reducing emissions and benefiting the environment.”   

Aside from its work with DOJUS agro, eAgronom is actively working on making the carbon farming program accessible in further countries across Central and Eastern Europe, as well as Sub-Saharan Africa, with a number of trials taking place across different regions. 




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