Asociace českého zemědělství v ČR

Christmas time in eAgronom

This year’s Christmas period is quite special for eAgronom family. At the same time, three great events are happening in the central office that we would really like to share with you.

First, all the Polish sales people, account managers, agronomic advisors and marketing specialists travelled to Tartu, Estonia, to celebrate this year’s success and agree on the next year activities. With the additional 10 people, the office is buzzing in laughter, surprise events and Polish music. In fact, there are more Polish people in the office than locals as many are on sick-leave or travelling.

Second, we moved to a new office in Aparaat – a cultural center full of music, restaurants, artists, galleries, etc. The main reason behind the move were communication issues in the old office where 25 people were separated on three different floors. We are very happy with the new office and feel like we have finally arrived at home. Thus, from now on, we are waiting farmers to visit us in Aparaat center 🙂

Third, Christmas feelings are all around the office! People are decorating their rooms with Christmas lights, lighting red candles, playing jolly music and preparing gingerbreads. For proper celebration, we went to see a theater play called “Old Barney” (Rehepapp) and had a long feast afterwards together with all the 35 people. It’s a warm time of the year!

eAgronom family wishes all farmers peaceful Christmas time and pleasant well-deserved vacation!