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Best field planning for 2019

Today we are releasing an innovative solution that allows farmers to track what has been done on their land throughout the history. The fields change every year and it usually takes a lot of time to have overview of what tasks were done, crops grown, products used and how this all has affected the soil. Our solution makes these data available automatically by allowing farmers to split and merge fields with an ease.

The new solution is for all the farmers who want to have great overview of what has been done on their fields over the seasons. The solution is great for both small farms where crops change a lot from season to season, and large farms where field shapes change every year.

Having a great overview of what has happened on the field is necessary for many important needs. “I am getting subsidy payments from LPIS and I need to show what has happened on the field in the past 5 years,” says Jan, a 1200ha organic producer from Czech Republic. Other farmers say the new solution helps them to reduce the costs of production: “The costs of crop protections have gone up in the past years. To reduce the costs, I need to know which product were used 2-3 years ago and what effect they had on the yield. eAgronom has all the data accessible now in a very elegant manner,” praises Nikodem, 300ha Polish farmer from Poznan region.

“We have spoken to hundreds of farmers in Estonia, Latvia, Poland and Czech Republic, and all of them have had the same issue: What has been done on my fields in the past?” Says Kristjan-Julius Laak, the head of the team behind the solution. “This was a great technical challenge and we managed to complete something farmers have been asking us to solve for a long time,” added Karl Aksel, CTO of eAgronom.

When we first started with eAgronom in 2016, we wanted to bring existing technology to farmers in a simple way. It’s remarkable that there is no similar solution in the market for managing field history which proves that we are on the right path and still leading the market.

The feature is available for free to all eAgronom users. For all new farmers wanting to join eAgronom, we provide excellent live support from day one and continuous trainings throughout the season. There has never been a better time to join eAgronom! Make yourself a Christmas present and get the best farm overview for 2019 season.

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